We always recommend that you sharpen your lawn mower blades regularly, at least once a year. A sharp lawn mower blade helps to create a well defined trim, without pulling the grass out by its roots. It is possible to make your lawn mower blade too sharp. As a rule, you should be able to handle the blade, without cutting your hands. A lawnmower blade that is too sharp will dull too fast, meaning you’ll need to sharpen the blade more often, giving your blade a shorter lifetime.

A sharpened blade will perform the perfect cut, while placing a minimal amount of strain on your machine. Grass that is cut with a clean, well-sharpened lawn mower blade will get stronger quicker, following the cut. Healthy grass can keep out pests and other invasive weeds.

Regular maintenance of your lawn mower, including sharpening the blades is an essential part of your lawnmower’s life-time. Without sharp blades, your mower will either not cut the grass at all or will begin to pull up the grasses by their roots instead of simply trimming it, which will create some unsightly areas in the lawn.