Natural or Artificial is a difficult debate. Both make your garden look visually stunning but like most things, there are advantages and disadvantages of each.

Nothing enhances your garden more than a healthy lawn. Artificial Grass helps to create the look of a thick, lush lawn, but could make your garden less attractive to any nearby wildlife. Your physical health and mental wellbeing will be greatly enhanced by looking out on a healthy lawn.

Artificial Grass – the Pros

✔️ Will never need watering.
✔️ Doesn’t require long periods of sunlight.
✔️ A harmonious quality with a consistent appearance for its lifetime.

The cons of Artificial Grass

❌ Could be more expensive than re-turfing your lawn.
❌ Can be very warm to walk on, during the heat of the day.
❌ While it doesn’t require watering or weeding, regular cleaning and sweeping is recommended.

Natural Turf – the Pros

✔️ Grass is great for insects and wildlife.
✔️ Stays cold/cooler, even during the heat of the day.
✔️ Natural grass has been proven to help our physical health and mental wellbeing.

The cons of Natural Turf

❌ Lawn care can be time consuming.
❌ Could be damaged by pets, children, or garden equipment.
❌ Grows all year round and will need to be cut regularly and to a consistent height.