Decking Installation in Wrexham

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Decking Installation In Wrexham

Imagine a beautiful outdoor dining surface that needs little maintenance, no watering, and no weedkiller. Our Decking in Wrexham LL11 provides the visually breathtaking external surface that is long lasting and hard wearing.

Decking is available in a range of materials, which includes, Timber; Hardwood Decking, Softwood Decking, or Composite Decking. Softwood comes from rapidly grown trees, like pine, which is replenished quickly. Hardwood decking comes from more gradually grown trees, such as Oak. Oak is one of the most expensive decking materials as it is rarer and not so quickly regrown. Decking is also available in a man-made composite, composed of plastics, wood fibers, and a bonding agent.

Are you looking for Decking in Wrexham LL11 ? At Salisbury Gardens, we can design a range of decking solutions that are ideal for use by residents and home-owners. With your needs in mind, there is a variety of features to choose from and each decking solution can be provided to you at low prices. Please contact us for more information on how our decking can meet your needs.

What is Decking?

Timber decking is a flat wooden surface that provides a place for people to walk on. Because decking can be composed of hardwood or softwood timber or a composite wood effect matierial, our decking solutions can be designed around you and installed to suit your budget. Decking is typically used as landscaping or the beginnings of your outdoor living space. A decking installation helps you to make use out of a surface that is sloped or uneven. Treated decking is known to last for 40 years or more, so will make a suitable investment for you and your garden. We only build decking out of timber or composite which is durable enough to withstand the outdoors on a daily basis.

What Decking Do You Offer?

Some of the most popular decking we install in Wrexham include composite decking, softwood decking, and hardwood decking. This decking is most often seen outside homes, businesses, schools, and putting greens to create outdoor areas on surfaces that might otherwise be too uneven to walk on. In recent times, gardens have been transformed into homes, offices, gyms, or the ultimate staycation holiday destination.

Our decking is specifically designed around you and your needs. All of our timber deck solutions are installed to meet the exact requirements of you and your garden. If you require any further information, please contact Salisbury Gardens or fill in the form at the end of this page. You will find it easier to make use of your outdoor space, with a decking in Wrexham, designed and installed by Salisbury Gardens.

Timber Decking in Wrexham

Salisbury Gardens are specialists in a wide range of outdoor landscaping, including decking, artificial grass, driveways, planting, and paving. In your garden, you should be able to use every area of your outdoor space. Our decking is bespoke, so you can rest assured that it will be made to measure, reducing waste, and maximising the potential of your garden.

We design and install a range of landscaping solutions, grasses, paving, and driveways. These can all be built using a variety of materials, making sure that the design is sympathetic to the surroundings. Other options include garden buildings, fencing, and ground preparation, which can be carrieid out in gardens or commercial premises. Landscaping your garden or outdoor space will give you many years of enjoyment. Decking boards constructed from high quality timbers are designed to last a long time.

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Decking Installation in Wrexham